why professional window installation is important

3 Popular Decorative Options For Residential Window Tinting

As more and more Americans continue to see the importance of living in passively designed homes, the demand for window tinting has been growing, and for good reason.

Residential window tinting is primarily designed for reducing or eliminating the need to use mechanical heating and cooling to achieve indoor comfort at home throughout the year. It accomplishes this by preventing unwanted heat gains and losses through the windows. Window tint application also helps block out potentially harmful UV radiation from the sun.

Today, window tints are increasingly being seen as a decorative option for homes. You can now choose from a wide range of aesthetically pleasing window films that are designed to make your home look amazing.

If you're tinting your house windows with aesthetics in mind, here are some wonderful options for you.

Colored Window Tint

Adding a hint of color to your windows is a great way to work some home improvement magic. These days, window tint films are available in a wide array of beautiful colors that will leave a lasting impression on anyone that sees your house. 

The best part is you don't have to limit yourself to one color: you can combine colors to create a truly unique look that makes your home shine apart from the rest. However, you should do so in moderation to avoid turning your home into the neighborhood eyesore.

Patterned Window Tint

Want to add some oomph to your plain-looking house windows without incurring the high cost of a complete window glass replacement? Using patterned window tint films is a clever and inexpensive way to add some much-needed charm and style to your home exterior.

There are so many patterns to choose from, so you can't miss a style that will accentuate your residential architecture while adding curb appeal to the property.

Frosted Window Tint

This is the perfect choice for your windows if you're looking to spruce up your home exterior while making your indoor living space more private during the day and at night. Put simply, this type of window tint does the same job as a privacy film but adds an aesthetic dimension to it.

In most areas, residential window tinting is regulated by state laws. However, local councils may impose additional restrictions on the type of window films that their residents may use. Before you jump on the window tinting bandwagon, get clear on what laws apply to your project.

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why professional window installation is important

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