why professional window installation is important

Four Durable Siding Solutions That Can Give Your Home More Protection And Energy Efficiency

If you are ready to add an exterior finish to your home, siding is a great option. With siding finishes, there are also many choices of materials for the siding on your home. This includes materials such as wood, vinyl and metal siding products. If you want to have more durable siding that also adds to the energy efficiency of your home, here are some of the best options available for your new siding:

1. Foam Backed Vinyl Siding For Durable, Maintenance-Free Siding

Normal vinyl siding can be cause several problems such as not being very strong and having seams that leak. To address these problems, new foam-backed products are being made. These materials are more durable than conventional vinyl siding, and they will provide your home with better insulation. This can help to make your home more energy efficient. The foam-backed systems also have less of a chance for water to get behind them and cause damage.

2. Seamless Metal Siding For Cool Home Designs In Warm Climates

Another great siding material to improve energy efficiency is seamless siding materials. This is a metal siding material without any seams. With a light colored material, it can reflect heat from the sun to help keep your home cooler. This is why it is a great material for warmer climates. Since it does not have seams, it is also resistant to water problems that you may have with more conventional siding materials. It is also very durable, and will almost never rot or need to be replaced. This is one of the most durable materials that you can have installed for the siding on your home.

3. Siding With Continuous Insulation Systems For More Conventional Siding

Continuous insulation is another solution to make the siding on your home more energy efficient. These systems have insulation that is continuous through the structure of your wall. If you are going to have a more conventional siding material on your home, continuous insulation can be a great way to get more energy efficiency. This is great for use with things like exterior veneers like brick, which may not have good insulating performance. This can also be good for materials like board-and-batten if you want to add energy improvements to your home.

If you are ready to have new siding installed on your home, contact a seamless siding contractor like one from Innovations Siding & Windows and ask them about some of these options. They can give you the durable and energy efficiency siding you need for your exterior finish. 

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why professional window installation is important

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