why professional window installation is important

Helpful Tips For Choosing Window Treatments In A Home With Pets

Window treatments are an important part of any home since they help add style and much-needed privacy. If you have cats or dogs, however, they can be difficult to care for due to the likeliness that your pets may try to jump up and damage the windows as a result. In order for you to dress your windows without the concern of future issues due to your pets, consider the following tips.

Avoid Fabrics That Attract Pet Hair

When comparing different types of window treatments, you'll likely see the most popular options, including roller shades, vertical blinds, and curtains. If curtains are near the top of your desired list, it's important to recognize just how easily they can be made dirty or torn due to your pets. Along with their potential issues regarding damage, the fabric can be a problem on its own due to attracting pet hair and needing frequent cleaning.

Make Sure No Strings Are Hanging

One of the most common issues with window treatments in homes with pets is the danger that hanging cords can present. The strings from your window treatments can look enticing to both cats and dogs, but could lead to the blinds or shades being pulled down from the window. The string can also be dangerous to ingest if your pet attempts to eat it, making it important to use twist ties or Velcro to keep the cords out of sight.

Arrange Furniture Away from the Windows

Your pets likely already use the windows to climb up and look outside at pedestrians, cars, and other animals, but this could innocent act could lead to your window treatments being damaged. An easy way to reduce the chance that your pet damages the window treatments is by making the windows more difficult to reach. This means moving any furniture away from the windows so that they can't climb up as easily.  

Keep Pets Nails Trimmed Just in Case

If you're concerned about the window treatments being damaged by your pets, you can reduce the damage by simply keeping their nails trimmed short. With blunt nails, your pets won't be able to damage the blinds or shades as dramatically if they do happen to reach them.

By carefully choosing the window treatments for your home, you can prevent them from needing to be replaced soon after due to your pets. From picking durable window treatments to reducing the likeliness of your pets being able to reach the windows, you can greatly improve the lifespan of the window treatments. 

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why professional window installation is important

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