why professional window installation is important

How To Repair Water Damage On Window Sills

Repairing your windows is often necessary due to normal wear and tear. One of the most commonly damaged areas of the window is the sill. The sill is the flat part along the bottom of the frame. It often gets damaged because it is a convenient place to set things, including pots and wet drinks. This article will explain how to repair wooden window sills with water damage.

Sand off the Damaged Area

Wood usually gets swollen when it is water damaged. To fix swollen wood you should first sand down the affected areas. Use a power sander with sandpaper grit between 100 and 200 at first. This should knock down the swollen area to make it flat. Then, you will want to use a smoother sandpaper to make surface paintable. To do this you will want to use a very fine paper with grit over 400. Sand very lightly so you do not alter the flatness of the sill. You do not need to sand off all of the existing paint or stain. You just want the surface to be equally smooth throughout the entire sill.

Patch the Damaged Area

When you sand down the swollen area, you will often expose small holes or cracks that form underneath the top layer of wood. These small holes should be immediately patched with wood putty. Simply spread the patch into the hole and scrape it away with a putty knife. Do not worry about making the patch completely smooth and flat with the knife. Let it dry for a few hours, then sand it down as you try to match the flatness of the sill.

Paint the Patched Area

The final step is painting or staining the damaged area. You should not use a paintbrush on hardwood window sills because it will leave behind brushstrokes. Try using a small roller with ultra-low nap. Paint sparingly so you leave behind a smooth finish when the paint dries. If you are staining your sill with a clean stain, you should apply it with a lint-free rag. This is the cleanest and fastest way to apply stain. Applying a second or third coat will make your sill even stronger and you will not need to repair your sill so soon.

You should definitely repair your window sills as soon as you notice any defects. Even the smallest blemishes in wood can lead to serious problems if left unattended. If you need more extensive window repair, visit Distinctive Siding & Window.

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why professional window installation is important

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