why professional window installation is important

How To Decorate A Patio With A Beach Theme

Have you recently added a patio to your home? Perhaps you already had a patio but you are now redecorating it. Either way, now is a great time to get it ready for summer fun and relaxation. If you have chosen a beach theme, you are in for some fun shopping. From the floor to the sunsetter, here are some ideas that might help you design a unique and attractive patio.

The Floor - Of course, if your floor is already in place, you've got that part of the decorating started already. If not, consider selecting concrete that will then be faux painted. Or, if your present floor is already concrete, think of sprucing it up. Faux painting your concrete floor can give it the appearance of flagstone, wood, brick, tile or almost anything else you can imagine. In fact, think about how cool it would be to have a faux painted floor that has the appearance of a sandy beach front complete with shells. Concrete is affordable and very easy to care for. Just sweep it or wash it off with the garden hose and the job is done. 

The Furniture - Outdoor wicker or wrought iron would both be great choices. Select neutral colors for the paint and then enhance them with throw pillows of things found at the beach. For example, throw pillows of fish, kites, and birds would be great. Is there enough room for a table and chairs for sit-down meals? If not, just select occasional chairs and small tables that can be placed to fit the number of guests you are having. A hanging bench swing or a hammock would definitely add a fun element to the patio. Another good idea is to have a shelf where you can display beach decor like shells, light houses, and different types of birds.

The Sunsetter - You'll be extending the use of your patio by adding a sunsetter from a company like Sunrise Shading. Choose a striped one that would go great with your beach-themed furniture and the throw pillows you selected. Sunsetters are affordable and so easy to install that you can probably do the job yourself. If you're not comfortable with that type of work, just speak with a contractor. A retractable sunsetter means that you can see the sky on a pretty day, or you can extend it for shade or to protect yourself from a downpour. 

Go to antique shops, nurseries, boutiques, resale shops and yard sales to find unique items like decorative pots that will add interest to your beach-themed patio.

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why professional window installation is important

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