why professional window installation is important

Why Are Composite Windows A Good Replacement For Older Wooden Windows?

If your house has old wooden windows, you might be having a challenging time finding suitable replacements. Wood windows are still available, but a lot of window companies recommend against them because they're just so high-maintenance and prone to deterioration, as you've probably learned with your existing windows. Luckily, there is a suitable replacement option that gives you that wood-like look without the hassle: composite. Take a closer look at why composite windows are a great option for your wood window replacement.

1. Composite is made from scraps.

These days, it's all about being eco-friendly and reducing the amount of waste you produce. Composite windows allow you to do that. Wood composite is made from the scraps leftover when other items, like trim and doors, are milled from wood. The wood fibers are mixed into a plastic matrix rather than being shipped off to a landfill. By choosing composite windows, you're minimizing waste instead of supporting the milling of additional trees to make your windows.

2. Composite is a great insulator.

Wood windows are good insulators, but only when they are new. Wood resists heat transfer, but as it develops cracks, it begins letting cold air through. Composite is also a great insulator in that it resists heat transfer, but it doesn't develop the cracks as it ages, so it remains a good insulator for the life of your windows. This means fewer drafts and lower energy bills, which are two things that everyone can agree are important!

3. Composite doesn't need to be painted.

Nobody is going to realize that your windows are not made from wood unless they look very, very closely. And yet, you don't need to paint the composite to keep it looking nice. Composite windows typically come pre-colored. If you do decide you want to change the color of your windows, you can paint over them, but that's a choice, not a necessity.

4. Composite windows are secure.

Aluminum and vinyl windows are becoming pretty common, but these types of windows have the downfall of being a bit less secure. Vinyl can be quite brittle, so someone can break it if they wanted to. Aluminum bends pretty easily. Composite is harder and sturdier, which makes your home safer.

To learn more about composite windows and their benefits, reach out to your local window replacement company. If you currently have older wood windows, these are a great option.

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why professional window installation is important

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