why professional window installation is important

The Pros And Cons Of Double Hung Windows

A double hung window is one of the most popular window styles in the country. The name double hung is derived from the window's two mobile sashes that both have the ability to slide up and down for maximum airflow and ventilation. For many, this versatility makes them highly desirable. If you're considering new windows for your home, here are a few of the pros and cons of double hung windows that you should consider.



As mentioned, one of the most desirable aspects of double hung windows is the ability to move both sashes for maximum ventilation. You can move the top sash down or the bottom sash up in order to best take advantage of the outside air or in order to control airflow in the home. Opening the top sash can allow warm air to exit while an open bottom sash can allow for cool air to enter.

Easy Maintenance

Another benefit of double hung windows is that there is usually an option for tilt-in sashes. That means, in addition to up and down movement, the sash can also be tipped inward for easy cleaning of the exterior panes. This eliminates the need for precarious ladders and buckets on the exterior of the house during a spring clean if you have second or third story windows.

Allows For Window A/C

Another benefit of a double hung window is the option to easily install a window air conditioning unit if needed. And since both sashes are mobile, you can choose whether you'd like to install the unit on either top or bottom sash based on your needs.



One obvious disadvantage of choosing double hung over a style like single hung is that there will be additional costs. Because there are more materials required in a double hung window vs. a single hung window to allow for movement in both sashes, the price will be a little higher. However, the slight discrepancy in price is often worth it for the additional benefits. You can expect to pay between $150 and $650 for a double hung window vs. $100 to $400 for a single hung.

Possible Air Leaks

Though allowing for movement in both sashes is beneficial for ventilation, especially in the hot months, it may also allow for undesirable air leakage in cold months. This is especially true if your window wasn't fitted properly or you choose a cheaper window with lower quality materials.

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why professional window installation is important

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